My 10 Reasons Why I Love Being with Nature/Hiking

Here’s my 10 reasons why I love being with nature (mountains/hills, lakes, waterfalls, river, beach, caves)
1. I find solace and peace being with nature, it calms my nerves, my soul, my body
2. It allows me to disconnect with the world to be with myself, have a rest, meditate and think (about my life what I want to do etc)
3. Reboot – even machines need a restart
4. Recharge – being with nature energizes me and keeps me sane
5. Exercise – to stay fit and we all need to sweat to purge toxins out of our body… and you don’t have to be glamorous when you are hiking unlike with other venues, it’s ok to be “madumi”/dirty 😛
6. It’s a place to meet new friends and test/strengthen friendships too
7. The sense of accomplisment whenever you conquer yourself getting to the summit, or overcome a challenging trail or discover something new.
8. Food is always delicious especially when shared, you get to appreciate the blessings more
9. It reminds me how great our God/creator is.
10. It simply makes me happy 💛💛💛


Mt. Bintuod viewing deck, September 2015


My “treelogy” at the summit of Mt. Bintuod May 2016

Mt. Sialdang, April 2015


Dulangan River, April 2015


Maligcong Rice Terraces view from Mt. Kufafey, January 2016


At Dumolpos with Team Android, Mt. Ugo, May 2015


Cavinti Underground River and Cave System, March 2016


Baratubot Falls, Palaui Island, November 2015 📷 Rain


Hidden Falls (Buntot Palos), August 2015


Maranat Waterfalls, January 2015 📷 Kap Jaime


Tapulao Traverse Climb, March 2015

During our Mt. Tuwato 1st exploratory climb, May 2016 📷 Sir Roge

After our outreach activity, the locals brought us to their cave and waterfalls, Nueva Vizcaya July 2016 📷 Sir Gen

Mt. Danayag, August 2016 📷 Sir Gen

Lion Rock Peak, September 2016

Lantau Peak, September 2016

Buwa-as Waterfall October 2016 📷 Aileen

Mt. Talomo (behind me is Mt. Apo), November 2016

Somewhere in b/w Kitanglad and Dulang-dulang, November 2016

Mt. Dulang-dulang’s Mossy Forest, November 2016

Busay Waterfall in Siargao, Apr 2017 📷 Max

Kawasan Waterfall (O Peak – Kawasan traverse), February 2017

Kandungaw Peak, May 2017

A walk along the Rice Terraces of Sadanga, May 2017 📷 Aileen


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